Principal Scientist Linda Perry-Lynch, NREP, CPEA joins Terraphase 

October 2016   |   Staff
Linda Perry-Lynch
Linda Perry-Lynch
Linda Perry-Lynch

Linda Perry-Lynch, NREP, CPEA, joins Terraphase as Principal Scientist, bringing over 30 years of experience in environmental, health, and safety compliance. Linda has extensive, broad-based consulting and industry experience, with proven abilities at developing corporate EHS compliance strategies required to manage global sustainability initiatives, external environmental reporting, and environmental and safety compliance. Linda’s experiences entail providing organizations key strategic EHS processes and initiatives globally across multiple facilities and cultures to ensure targets and long-term objectives align with business goals. Linda has supported numerous clients in the environmental regulatory compliance arena by providing support in environmental audits, program and plan development, due diligence, and training. She has managed emergency response teams and has supported Business Continuity Planning.

Linda’s experience encompasses global data management (injury, air emission sources, water, hazardous and solid waste) and analysis, developing and monitoring key performance indicators, cost-benefit analysis, and greenhouse gas accounting and reduction management. She has managed dynamic operational characteristics, services and activities to integrate environmental, health, safety and sustainability processes and practices into an integrated quality, environmental, health, safety and sustainability management system (ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001)…read more

Linda can be reached at or 510.645.1850 ext. 85.

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