Air Quality Management

Engineering | Permitting | Compliance

Terraphase provides air quality management services to major industries and manufacturing facilities. Led by seasoned professionals, Terraphase specializes in permitting and compliance services. Our air quality management services incorporate all technical aspects of air quality analysis, measurements, permitting, engineering control, and regulatory compliance. Our approach is to support clients in obtaining permits which allow them flexibility to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We devise compliance strategies and pollution prevention alternatives.

Our principal clients include companies in power generation, utility, mining, chemical and petroleum, iron and steel, recycling and resource recovery, pulp and paper,  manufacturing sectors, and aerospace manufacturing, as well as federal and state government.

In coordination with our clients, Terraphase prepares complete permit application packages, including detailed facility and process information, emission calculations of criteria and toxic air pollutants and greenhouse gases, and determination of regulatory compliance and statute conformity. Terraphase works closely with regulatory agencies to proactively engage the agency and address questions as they arise thereby reducing the timeline of the permitting process. Terraphase provides inventory evaluation, verification of facility status with respect to criteria and toxic air pollutants and greenhouse gas emission thresholds, determination of regulatory applicability, and development of monitoring and recordkeeping plans.

Our experience in providing air-quality management support allows us to provide clients with performance-based value-added services that consistently meet or exceed expectations.

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