Wastewater & Groundwater Treatment

Design | Implementation | Operations | Maintenance

Terraphase engineers have evaluated, designed, and implemented industrial wastewater and groundwater treatment systems at many sites in California and internationally. We have assisted our clients in developing creative and innovative treatment methods and upgraded existing treatment systems. We work to develop cost effective treatment methods that are waste and/or site-specific. Our engineers have the ability to carefully evaluate our clients’ problems and provide a long-term solution. In support of treatment systems, Terraphase prepares engineering plans and specifications, obtains necessary permits, provides construction management services, and treatment system operation and maintenance.

Our treatment system experience includes a broad range of activities:

  • Preparing and conducting monitoring plans (including sampling and analysis)
  • Evaluations, engineering and design of new and existing treatment systems
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • Pilot testing and feasibility studies
  • Developing operations and maintenance manuals
  • Training wastewater treatment system operators
  • Identifying and assessing industrial waste stream characteristics
  • Industrial wastewater contamination studies
  • Providing construction management services
  • Evaluation of existing remediation to determine cost- and time- effective alternative approaches
    • Conversion of pump-and-treat systems to in-situ bioremediation
    • Optimizing SVE and dual-phase extraction systems
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