Testing for lead in drinking water across multiple school districts demands coordination and preparation on a massive level. Preparing water outlets for early morning testing requires a checklist to be completed on site prior to testing, and a record of the preparation be completed. The most cost-effective way to accomplish this is to have facility staff complete the preparation work the day before testing is required. However, the communication channels in coordinating facility staff to complete these tasks can quickly become a pitfall in these projects.


Terraphase designed a custom mobile application and automated messaging system to coordinate water outlet preparation for all schools. The day before water outlet testing is scheduled, facility managers and building engineers are contacted via the automated messaging system. The message provides them with instructions to use the mobile app and gives them a checklist for each water outlet scheduled to be tested. Problems with the outlets can be reported via the checklist. In the evening, our clients and the sampling team are automatically notified of the status of the water outlets, and sampling proceeds based on those notifications.