Market Sector

Finance & Insurance

Terraphase provides a variety of services to financial and insurance clients, applying our engineering, compliance and environmental expertise on projects ranging from environmental liability valuation for underwriters and merger and acquisitions, to soil and groundwater remediation for insurance claims.

We provide private-equity clients with environmental and regulatory compliance reviews to support large-asset bids and acquisitions, through the development of environmental risk profiles and standard due-diligence practices, including the following:

  • Transaction Screens and Environmental Desktop Reviews
  • Environmental Compliance Audits and Reviews
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Investigations
  • Federal, State and Voluntary Investigation and Remediation Program Implementation
  • Construction and Engineering Reviews and Failure Analysis
  • Environmental Forensics

Our practitioners have supported a variety of insurance projects, including those involving Pollution Liability, Environmental and General Liability Exposures, Cost Cap Clean-ups, Pollution Legal Liability, Construction, and other insurance products and programs that require environmental and engineering expertise.

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