Geotechnical Engineering

Broad Range of Geotechnical Engineering Experience

Terraphase geotechnical engineers can provide the full gamut of geotechnical engineering services. Our experts have extensive experience with:

  • Geotechnical feasibility studies
  • Seismic hazard studies
  • Liquefaction settlement mitigation
  • Ground improvement
  • Slope stability studies of natural, man-made and municipal solid waste landfill slopes
  • Foundation design
  • Landfill liner and cover design and construction
  • RCRA cap design and implementation
  • Excavation dewatering
  • Risk analysis

Terraphase geotechnical engineers have designed foundations for very large structures with unusually large floor loads. We have performed slope stability analyses for natural slopes, man-made slopes, embankment dams and slopes in municipal solid waste landfills. We have designed pre-loads with wick drains to mitigate foundation settlement. Terraphase experts have designed pile foundations for buildings and marine structures. We have expertise in the geological engineering of rock masses, and in particular, with sheared and chaotic block-in-matrix rocks such as Franciscan Complex melanges. Terraphase geotechnical engineers have successfully defended clients against multi-million dollar claims.

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