Tribal Compliance and Planning Services

Experienced Tribal Partners

Terraphase’s Tribal Compliance and Planning Services Principal, Trent Wilson, has been providing Tribes with environmental compliance and planning services for over 15 years. Terraphase understands the unique challenges Tribal Nations face when exercising sovereignty over Tribal lands and resources. Whether seeking to have additional parcels taken into trust by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) or to increase management authority over tribal resources, Terraphase can assist Tribes in navigating the associated compliance requirements and developing plans that lead to successful implementation.

Terraphase provides comprehensive management of environmental compliance requirements and planning processes for the complex and unique issues that Tribal governments navigate. Terraphase professional staff work with Tribal agencies, Tribal councils, Tribal legal representatives, and federal decision makers to develop solutions that maximize benefits to Tribal citizens while minimizing implementation costs.

Our Tribal compliance and planning services include:

  • NEPA Documentation:
    • Fee-to-Trust Acquisitions
    • Agency Funding
    • Loan Guarantees
    • Resource Management Plan Approvals
  • Tribal Planning Services:
    • Land Use Planning
    • Resource Management Planning
    • Emergency Management Planning
    • Grant Management and Implementation
    • Tribal-State Gaming Compact Compliance
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