Health & Safety

At Terraphase, we strive to instill health and safety (H&S) as the foundation to every project and make it an integral part of our daily work. Just as our clients demand an exemplary H&S record, we expect ourselves to meet the highest standards. Our commitment to job safety extends beyond our own employees, to our subcontractors, our clients, and the community.

The Terraphase H&S Team includes a mix of certified safety professionals and project managers, resulting in a very practical H&S program that follows, and often exceeds, OSHA and industry standards, while still allowing our projects to be run efficiently and cost-effectively. The Terraphase H&S program is based on the following:


Proper training, both in the classroom and on the job, is essential in understanding the principles of our H&S program. Our staff complete the industry-required OSHA and DOT training courses, as well as other safety courses (e.g., Defensive Driving, Aerial Safety) that provide the tools necessary to safely plan and implement projects.


Terraphase incorporates the principles of the The Loss Prevention System™ (LPS™) when planning field activities, including the completion of Job Safety Analyses (JSAs). Our staff are trained to follow specific H&S procedures to help assess potential risks and avoid recognized hazards through effective risk management.

Safety starts at our doorstep and doesn’t end until our day is over. Our staff are expected to follow the Terraphase safety standards in the office, on the road, and at our job sites. Terraphase strongly believes in the Stop Work Authority program, which empowers all workers to shut down operations if a hazardous condition exists.


In line with LPS™, we encourage the reporting of near-misses and recognize their importance in the prevention of job-site incidents. Lessons learned and best practices are regularly shared through our H&S meetings and Safety Shares. We believe that open and positive communication is essential to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

An effective H&S program is a critical component of protecting our assets, keeping our projects running smoothly, and serving our clients, but, most importantly, Terraphase’s main goal is for all of our employees to return home safe each night.

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