Arnab Chakrabarti, PE, Joins Terraphase as Associate Engineer

November 2014   |   Staff
Arnab Chakrabarti, Associate Engineer
Arnab Chakrabarti, Associate Engineer
Arnab Chakrabarti, Associate Engineer

We are happy to announce that Arnab Chakrabarti has joined Terraphase as an Associate Engineer. Arnab brings over 13 years of experience in site characterization, remediation, project management, and agency interaction. He uses his background in process engineering and remedial design to manage complex hazardous waste sites with multiple stakeholders under dynamic conditions.

Arnab has extensive experience in the remediation of a wide range of contaminants, including chlorinated pesticides, fuels, perchlorate, chlorinated solvents, and metals. He has managed many projects at sites including Department of Defense facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area, retail pesticide formulating facilities, and landfills and waste management units located at the San Francisco Bay margin.

Arnab’s projects have included the remedial design and implementation of soil-vapor extraction (SVE) systems, in-situ enhanced reductive dechlorination, and operation and maintenance of groundwater extraction and treatment systems and leachate collection and recovery systems.

In addition, Arnab has provided litigation support services to clients in the petroleum industry. His work in this capacity has included preparing expert reports and remedial cost estimates.

Arnab can be reached at email or 510.645.1850 ext. 60.

More information about Arnab can be found on our People page.


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