Doug Wolf Joins Terraphase as Principal Engineer

February 2015   |   Staff
Doug Wolf, Principal Engineeer
Doug Wolf, Principal Engineeer
Doug Wolf, Principal Engineeer

Doug Wolf has joined Terraphase as Principal Engineer in our Oakland office. Doug has 35 years of multidisciplinary compliance and permitting experience. His compliance assessment expertise includes regulation assessment and rule development, risk evaluations and strategic management practice. His permitting experience includes acquisition of environmental acceptance of projects ranging in size from $50,000 to $150 million.

Doug provides first-hand direct oversight including front-end planning, conceptual evaluation, permit review with agency and licensing. He has taken the lead in greenhouse gas inventory development and verification accountability. He received his accreditation as a California Lead Verifier in 2010 and has been a program lead on several verifications over the past 5 years.

Doug’s client base includes petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cement and aggregate, co-generation, waste-to-energy, bio-fuels, alternative renewable energy, metal recycling, landfill, transportation and energy generation. He has worked on projects throughout California and Arizona. He has successfully negotiated with environmental regulators including State Lands, Cal EPA, EPA, Army Corp, USFWS, California RWQCB, CUPAs, Air Districts and multiple municipalities and planning agencies.

Doug has lead a Carbon Strategy Business and Sustainability Practice. He continues to implement educational round table forums on climate change and global warming, and supports cooperative efforts in executing green initiatives. Doug has been published in the Climate Business News and instructs courses at local state universities.

Doug can be reached at email or 510.645.1850 ext. 61.

More information about Doug can be found on our People page.


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