James Farrow, RG, PG, LHG, Joins Terraphase as Principal Hydrogeologist

September 2015   |   Staff
James Farrow, Principal Hydrogeologist
James Farrow, Principal Hydrogeologist
James Farrow, Principal Hydrogeologist

James has approximately 25 years of environmental consulting experience in environmental assessment and remediation design for projects in the UK, California, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest. He has experience with Phase I and II ESAs, hazardous building materials surveys, environmental permitting, land redevelopment, groundwater hydrogeology/water resources, contaminant fate and transport, environmental geology, sediment characterization, environmental compliance auditing/permitting, and organic hydro-geochemistry. James has conducted and managed a wide variety of high profile hazardous waste site investigations and has experience with many aspects of groundwater studies, as well as, experience managing water resource irrigation projects through hydrogeologic assessment to well design, installation, development and testing.

James has also provided litigation support on a number of multi-million dollar contaminant groundwater impact cases. Additionally, he has assisted with the development of permitting matrices and constraints analyses for a number of solar power energy projects in the western US. many of these assessments have included an analysis of available groundwater and the effect of groundwater withdrawals on local supply.

James can be reached by email or 503.889.0367 ext. 30.

More information about James can be found on our People page.

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