Lucas W. Paz, PhD, CPESC, QSD, joins Terraphase as Associate Hydrologist

April 2015   |   Staff
Lucas W. Paz, Associate Hydrologist
Lucas W. Paz, Associate Hydrologist
Lucas W. Paz, Associate Hydrologist

Lucas W. Paz, PhD, CPESC, QSD, has joined Terraphase as Associate Hydrologist. Lucas has 23 years of experience in surface water hydrology and hydraulics, stormwater management, watershed analysis/modeling, flood control, engineering design, ecosystem restoration, site-development planning, biotechnical erosion control, water quality monitoring/sampling, geomorphology, evaluation of soil-water/vadose-zone hydrology, treatment wetlands, vegetation management, and regulatory permitting. His modeling experience includes multi-dimensional simulations of surface water, vadose-zone, and groundwater systems combined with practical implementation-based design. He has prepared site-specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for over 40 sites throughout California and is a specialist in Clean Water Act permitting and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulatory compliance, stormwater infiltration/bioretention system (green-infrastructure) design, hydrologic/hydrodynamic modeling, and aquatic ecosystem restoration.

Lucas develops stormwater compliance solutions and water quality improvement projects for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential sites, and has extensive experience working directly with major federal and state resource agencies as well as local municipalities. He conducts watershed assessments to reduce sediment and contaminant inputs into receiving waters and remediate/restore past land use effects. Lucas provides geomorphic process-based assessments, including stream stability evaluations, channel & habitat design, basin-scale assessments, flow-routing, and TMDL evaluations.

Lucas has authored numerous publications and presentations focusing on stormwater management and the use of landscape based methods to manage hydro-modification and to improve water quality. He is the lead author of a comprehensive County-wide stormwater infiltration guidance manual, system design specifications, and associated GIS application for the Contra Costa Countywide Clean Water Program.

Lucas can be reached at email or 510.645.1850 ext. 37.

More information about Lucas can be found on our People page.

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