Terraphase’s Jennifer Repa Presents Paper at StormCon — The North American Surface Water Quality Conference

August 2014   |   Conferences

Jennifer Repa of Terraphase presented a paper at the North American Surface Water Quality Conference (StormCon) in Portland, Oregon, entitled “The Effect of BMP Design on the Removal Efficiency of Nutrients From Stormwater Runoff”


Excess amounts of nutrients such as phosphate and nitrogen in waterways are the main cause of harmful algal blooms which can kill surrounding plant and animal life. Best management practices (BMPs) have been designed to mitigate some of the effects of urbanization such as nutrient overload into various waterways. Monitoring was conducted at two created wetland BMPs to evaluate the effectiveness of the BMPs at removing nitrogen and phosphate from stormwater runoff. Influent and effluent stormwater samples were collected during 19 rain events over the course of 14 months from two structural stormwater BMPs. The effectiveness of the BMPs and recommendations for structural and nonstructural BMPs will be discussed.

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