April 2011   |   General News

Terraphase Selected to Provide Geotechnical Consultant Services to Alameda County

Terraphase Engineering was the top consultant selected by the Alameda County Community Development Agency to provide on-call geotechnical consultant services relative to mines and quarries in Alameda County, including compliance reviews, monitoring... Read More ›

February 2011   |   Staff

Nader Sherif joins Terraphase as Associate Engineer

Nader Sherif has joined the Terraphase team as Associate Engineer. Nader has over 10 years of environmental consulting experience. He is responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing complex environmental remediation projects and... Read More ›

October 2010   |   General News

Terraphase’s Peter Zawislanski Recognized for Contributions to ITRC’s Permeable Reactive Barrier Team

Peter Zawislanski, Principal Hydrogeologist and Vice President at Terraphase Engineering Inc., was awarded the 2010 Industry Affiliates Program Award for his contributions to the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council Permeable Reactive Barrier... Read More ›

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